Liability of legal persons to the other Member States that are part of the Council of Europe


As we advanced last week with #Compliancekeys9, the regulation of corporate liability for the commission of crimes or administrative offenses in the case of companies differs significantly between different countries. 

Along the same lines, in #Compliancekeys10 we addressed the liability of legal persons in the other Member States of the Council of Europe. 

On this basis, attached is a table summarizing the state of play in the nineteen (19) Member States of the Council of Europe that are not part of the European Union:

Country Nature of the liability Closed or open list of offenses / infractions Legal possibility of exemption to dispose of Compliance
Albania Criminal Open list No
Andorra Administrative Closed list Yes (only for certain cases such as in the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism)
Armenia Criminal Closed list Yes
Azerbaijan Criminal Closed list No
Bosnia and Herzegovina Criminal Open list Yes
Georgia Criminal Closed list No
Iceland Criminal Open list No
Liechtenstein Criminal Closed list Yes
North Macedonia Criminal Closed list Yes
Montenegro Criminal Closed list Yes
Monaco Criminal Open list No
Norway Criminal Open list Yes
United Kingdom Criminal Closed list Yes (only in certain laws such as the UK Bribery Act or the Criminal Finance Act)
Republic of Moldova Criminal Closed list No
San Marino Criminal Open list No
Serbia Criminal Closed list No
Switzerland Criminal Closed list No
Turkey Administrative Closed list Yes (only in sectorial regulations such as the banking legislation)
Ukraine Criminal Closed list Yes


Compliance Department of Molins Defensa Penal.

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