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Criminal defence

We offer the best criminal defence to individuals and companies

Molins Criminal Defence provides all its clients, individuals and companies, with the best criminal advice for any type of offense in all areas and criminal jurisdictions. The Firm specializes in Economic and Criminal and Corporate Law.

Specialty Fields

  • Property crime and crimes against the socioeconomic order. For example: scams, misappropriation, bankruptcy fraud (asset stripping), corruption between individuals, theft and robbery.
  • Intellectual and industrial property related crime.
  • Financial and consumer crime: e.g., business secrecy, advertising crimes and market abuse.
  • Receiving stolen money/goods and money laundering crime.
  • Environmental and public health crime.
  • Illegal party financing crime.
  • Worker’s rights crime: e.g., accidents at work and labour exploitation.
  • Road safety crime: e.g., driving under the influence, reckless driving and homicide.
  • Crimes against life and physical and moral integrity: e.g., assassination, murder and injury.
  • Crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity: e.g., sexual assault and abuse.
  • Defamation, invasion of privacy, the right to self-image and the inviolability of property: e.g., insults, slander and revelation of secrets.
  • Misrepresentation.
  • Crimes against public administration: e.g., prevarication of officials, bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds and fraud.
  • Crimes against the Justice System: e.g., false reporting, prevarication, false testimony, breaking of sentence and simulation of false crime.
  • Crimes related to the exercise of fundamental rights and public freedoms.
  • Crimes against public order: e.g., violent act against an official or civil servant, resistance and public disorder.
  • Crimes of rebellion and sedition.
  • Organized and Criminal Groups.
  • Computer crimes and cybercrime: e.g., phishing scams, identity theft and harassment.
  • Minor offences.
  • Extraditions and international arrest warrants (search and capture).
  • Professional recklessness.


  • Trial court
  • Criminal Court
  • Provincial Court
  • High Court of Justice
  • Supreme Court
  • Constitutional Court
  • European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
  • Prosecution
  • Juvenile Court
  • Court for Violence towards Women
  • Jury Court

Ideas that inspire us

The truth is an ingenious mix of one’s desires and the appearance of things
Ambrose Bierce, american writer

The worst form of injustice is simulated justice
Platón, philosopher

Beware of all those in whom the urge to punish is powerful
Nietzsche, philosopher

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