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Internal investigations

We are groundbreakers conducting internal investigations in Spain

Having a protocol for internal investigations and activating it upon the news of alleged irregularities within the organization is fundamental part of any compliance system purportedly effective. In accordance with (Whistleblowing) protection regulations, it is also mandatory for any entity of certain size.

The Firm has a specialized team in the design and conduct of internal investigations, capable of responding immediately to any incident.

With experience in most economic sectors (construction, healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking, food, transportation, technology, public entities, foundations, among others); the department has led investigations locally, nationally, and internationally, with cases in various European Union countries and across the Atlantic.

The exclusive dedication of our professionals to economic criminal litigation and compliance allows us to guarantee maximum independence and confidentiality in the provision of our services. Commitment to excellence and collaboration with the best experts and professionals are our tools to provide a business-oriented response with the highest technical rigor.


  • Direction and implementation of internal criminal investigations in the presence of evidence of a crime, to comply with the due diligence duty of the orderly entrepreneur and to be able to opt for the exculpatory and mitigating circumstances provided for in articles 31 bis and 31 quarter of the Penal Code:
    • Rapid action plan
    • Clarification of facts and identification of customisation within the organizational structure of the entity. 
    • Preservation of the chain of custody in obtaining and preserving sources of evidence.
    • Selection of the best professionals for the preparation of necessary expert reports. 
    • Preservation of confidentiality throughout the process.
    • Management of internal and external communication regarding the facts and their investigation. 
  • Direction and implementation of internal investigations to comply with the duty of periodic review of the crime prevention model provided for in article 31 bis.5.6.º of the Penal Code.
  • Design and implementation of procedures for managing internal communications of irregularities under Law Nº 2/2023 on protection of informants (Whistleblowers).
  • External advice on internal investigations conducted by the company itself.
  • Defence of individuals or legal entities investigated or involved in an internal investigation.
  • Design of investigation protocols.
  •  Adaptation of existing procedures and protocols to the highest international standards (ISO 37002; ISODTS 37008).


Our group is composed by consultants with publications in the issue, lawyers with a high experience in penal process and Compliance experts.

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