Dedicación Exclusiva

Exclusive Dedication

We are a leading boutique in Criminal Law and Compliance in Spain

Reconocida trayectoria jurídica

Recognized legal background

We have over 30 years of experience

Profesionales de primer nivel

First level professionals

We offer the best expert advice

Trato Humanos y cercanos con el cliente

Human and close client treatment

Our vocation is serving people

A Leading Boutique in Criminal Law and Compliance in Spain.

Molins Criminal Defence is a leading boutique in Criminal Law and Compliance in Spain, with a trajectory of over 30 years, endorsed by the prestige of its partners Pablo Molins, Jorge Navarro and Jordi Pina as well as the expertise and technical solvency of its new partners and professionals. This trajectory has led them to intervene in the main criminal cases in Spanish judicial history in recent times.

The firm boast highly specialized and top-level teams composed of lawyers, academics, researchers, IT specialists and other staff professionals with hugely defined structures to provide maximum value to the client and advise on all type of criminal matters, such as crimes in the economic-business sphere and business law, tax crimes, corruption offences, crimes related to the Public Administration or Compliance.

The Law offices are in Barcelona and Madrid and provides advice in criminal instances throughout the national territory. It has trustworthy, independent, and non-exclusive strategic alliances with both national and international firms.

Areas of Practice

Molins Criminal Defence provides on Criminal Law -both preventive and procedural- to individuals and companies..

The firm specializes in Economic Criminal Law and Compliance, having a department exclusively dedicated to the provision of Compliances services. Additionally, Molins Criminal Defence also offers digital reputation management services and has an Internal Investigation Department.

All our services are provided with absolute trust and confidentiality and with maximum rigor in legal quality.

  • → Individual criminal defense
  • → Criminal defense companies
  • → Compliance and crime prevention
  • → International coverage
Molins Defensa Penal
  • A team of renowned professionals
  • Leading Law Firm in Criminal Law and Compliance in Spain
  • Trust, confidentiality, commitment and thoroughness
  • Committed Firm

Ideas that inspire us

The truth is an ingenious mix of one’s desires and the appearance of things
Ambrose Bierce, american writer

The worst form of injustice is simulated justice
Platón, philosopher

Beware of all those in whom the urge to punish is powerful
Nietzsche, philosopher


We cultivate talent. Committed to training.

Molins Criminal Defence, in its vocation of service and ethical commitment to the profession, as well as in its strong commitment to integrate the objectives of Sustainable Development of the 2030 Agenda (SDG 4, education) into its strategy, develops constant training and knowledge transfer among its professionals, who combine the professional practice of law with teaching and constant updating in the scenarios posed by an increasingly diverse and strategic criminal practice.

For this purpose, the team is updated through research and teaching, for which it maintains collaboration agreements with the most prestigious Foundations and Law Universities in Spain, such as the Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Pompeu Fabra Business School, or the international University of Catalonia.

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Likewise, the professionals of the Firm teach and attend conferences, seminars, and events in the academic, legal, social, and business world on a continuous and interrupted basis.

El equipo de Molins Defensa Penal está compuesto por profesionales muy especializados y de primer nivel, entre los que la labor de los académicos no sólo tiene un cometido docente sino también de profundidad de análisis e investigación en los asuntos para poder dotar al asesoramiento de la máxima rigurosidad.


Molins Criminal Defence is a Firm committed to the profession and society, working with the vocation of democratization of justice by advising on all types of matters and clients, and with the aim of meeting environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals beyond business purposes.

The Firm is in constant evolution and growth to be at the forefront of society, anticipate and adapt to market trends, and meet the needs of its clients with total guarantee.

The team carries out solidarity actions through collaboration with certain Foundations that work for people deprived of liberty or in poverty, organizes charitable music concerts led by partner Pablo Molin and his group “Por Fin Viernes“, whose proceeds are entirely destinated for solidarity projects. In addition, it provides pro bono advice in certain cases of limited resources and/or difficult access to legal services, and actively participates in the legal, civil, and business society to promote decent work of fight for gender equality.

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