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Press Office

Media Relations

Molins Defensa Penal, sensitive to the public repercussions that the criminal proceedings in which some of its clients are involved may have, and aware of the importance of its media coverage as a support for its procedural actions, has an internal press department headed by its partner Gonzalo Sivatte, who has extensive experience in media management.

The services offered by the department to prevent, respond to and activate a communication policy in line with the client’s procedural interests are provided in a complementary and coordinated manner with the firm’s lawyers in charge of the criminal proceedings and represent an added value to the firm’s proven technical excellence on the strictly procedural front.

Digital Reputation and Removal of Content on the Internet

Lawyers act in the face-to-face field with legal instruments foreseen for situations that may occur in the real world. The emergence of the Internet has shifted many of these problems to the new virtual territory where the laws and rules that we have given ourselves do not work with the desired precision and/or speed. For this reason, we have created regulatory processes that act directly in cyberspace, adapting legal solutions to digital problems, with the aim of monitoring and controlling our clients’ digital reputation, their footprint on the Internet, the traces that may have been left by the publication of harmful news and images and the deletion of everything that could be harmful to them.

With Digital Regulatory Engineering, we seek effective, fast and extrajudicial solutions, with the aim of achieving the removal of content and data harmful to the interests of our clients on the Internet, and we do so in a coordinated manner from Molins Defensa Penal, through our subsidiary IDN.tt, a technology company that has achieved notable success in this field since its founding in 2021.



Press Department:

  • Drafting of press releases and organisation of interviews
  • Management and attention to the media
  • Crisis cabinet

Digital Regulation:

  • Legacy and fingerprint
  • Impersonations
  • Private data
  • Anti-piracy
  • Intimacy
  • Fake accounts and domains
  • Electronic evidence and certifications
  • Influencer protection
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