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Legal-criminal excellence

We are a benchmark firm in criminal defense and have acted in highly complex matters in all criminal jurisdictions.

  • Reference firm

    More than 30 years dedicated exclusively to the exercise of Criminal Law

  • Exclusive dedication

    We know the idiosyncrasy of courts and tribunals and the growing technical complexity of Criminal Law

  • Network of academic consultants

    We have the expert advice of a wide network of top-level academic consultants, cathedra and professors

Why Molins Defensa Penal?

«When I started this project thirty years ago, I never thought it would become what our professional Firm is today. A reference in practice of criminal law and Compliance. And this has only been possible thanks to a human team with exceptional talent and commitment. I invite you to get to know them, right here below »

P. Molins


Molins Criminal Defence’s team comprises highly specialized and top-level professionals, including lawyers, consultants, academics, researchers, IT specialists and other technical staff with clearly defined work structures, they provide maximum value to the Client and offer advice on all kinds of criminal and compliance matters. Due to their exclusive dedication, they are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of Courts and Tribunals and the increasing technical complexity of Criminal Law and Compliance.
If you are interested in joining Molins Criminal Defence to grow and add value in procedural and/or Compliance practice, please contact us.

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