The agreement details of the worldwide artist Shakira

Shakira’s defense reached an agreement with the accusations on November 20, 2023, putting an end to the criminal procedure followed against the artist for the tax crimes for Individual Income Tax and Net Worth Tax (years 2012, 2013 and 2014). The agreement, ratified in the first -and finally only- session of the trial, entailed the conviction of the artist for the commission of six tax offenses, applying the very qualified mitigating circumstance of damage repair, due to the fact that Shakira paid the amount of the fees claimed even before the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed the criminal complaint.

The six-month prison sentences – not 3 years – for each of the six offenses of the conviction were replaced by the payment of a fine, at the rate of two 200 euros for each day of imprisonment. In addition, she also had to pay a fine amounting to 7.3 million euros. Both amounts were paid before they were even required.

Although the legal defense of the singer, formed by our managing partner Pau Molins and the lawyer Miriam Company, was confident in proving her innocence throughout the development of the trial, the decision of the artist was motivated by the personal burnout that meant for her being the focus of a criminal proceeding that has lasted almost five years. For this reason, she finally decided to prioritize her personal and professional life.

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