Molins Defensa Penal defends Shakira in the procedure followed by the accusations against the artist for tax crime.


The Molins Defensa Penal team led by our managing partner, Pablo Molins Amat, together with the lawyer Miriam Company Marsà, presented last Friday, November 25, the defense brief on behalf of the artist. The lawyers defend throughout almost one hundred pages the innocence of Shakira and reject with multiple arguments the erroneous assumption held by the accusations that the singer would have resided in our country since 2011. 

The legal defense fights in depth the accusatory thesis that Shakira established her residence in our country before 2015. Until 2011, Ms. Mebarak had no ties with Spain, except for a few concerts offered as part of her world tours. After meeting her long-time partner in the summer of 2010, they began an affectionate relationship which resulted in the birth of their two children, but it was not until the schooling of the first child at the end of 2014 and the renewal of the contract of former FCB player Gerard Piqué, that the artist decided to take up residence in Barcelona, reducing the volume of her professional commitments abroad and declining the renewal with the television program “The Voice” in Los Angeles. 

Precisely the decision to fix her fiscal residence in Spain was communicated for the appropriate purposes to the AEAT, which accepted it without discussion, thus assuming that until that date she had not resided in our country. Since then (2015) and until now, Shakira has been scrupulously paying her taxes in Spain, despite the fact that this is not where her professional interests lie, nor her center of economic interests.  

All these arguments will be addressed throughout the Oral Trial by the team of Molins Defensa Penal, a firm with extensive experience in the defense of tax crime accusations, fully confident in being able to demonstrate the absolute innocence of our client. 

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